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1963 Chevy II Nova Convertible – FOR SALE

Preservation beginning July 2015

This is a one-owner that was a young lady's high school graduation gift in June 1963. It is
now undergoing a basic mechanical and cosmetic restoration and is available to a new
owner who may wish to take over and customize it to their liking. Much of it is in fabulous
shape, including the convertible top and interior. Body sanding and paint prep is underway.
Chrome and stainless trim is being repaired/replaced as necessary. We expect it to be
completed by Summer 2016.

Preservation Progress as of January 2016

Body sanded and in primer; no evidence of body ever having had body work. Engine has
undergone a complete tune-up, including new carburetor, new alternator, voltage regulator,
fuel filter, and rare snout air filter installed. Complete brake overhaul, including shoes,
drums turned, wheel cylinders, springs, and new master cylinder. Radiator flushed and
hoses replaced. Transmission inspected and serviced. Lube, oil filter and gaskets. New
wheel bearings front and rear. New Coker tires, 6.50 x 13 white walls, installed. Trunk
has been detailed, with correct spatter paint and trunk mat. AM radio has been restored.
Preservation Progress as of November 2016

Engine pulled, detailed and converted to unleaded gas. Without this conversion, unleaded
gas could have done serious damage to the engine. In order to maintain a "numbers
matching car", we went to this effort to preserve the car's value and original motor. We also
installed all new wiring harnesses, front to back. Good thing we did as we found numerous
wiring changes over the years that were not correct and many of the ground wires were
not even attached. Since we were so far into the wiring and the dash was all apart, we
sanded, primed and repainted the dash and steering wheel. Came out great and we're very
pleased. A couple more mechanical things and get the body prepared for final paint. A
special thanks to Justin Rubsam for his outstanding work you see in these photos.

Preservation progress as of May 2017:

Just about there. We've now completed most of the mechanics and detail work including,
but not limited to: Now in white primer (we'll leave it up the new owner to decide the color
of their choice); we've restored, and it was very expensive, the side molding trim (originally,
the middle portion of the molding was black but, depending on your final choice of paint,
you may wish to do a match - this was very, very expensive but greatly adds to her value);
we've restored, along with the side trim, the original license plate frame that came with the
car, and choice of colors on background and letters will be the new owner's decision; final
engine and trunk detail; new taillight lenses, and other little things here and there.

Ms. Nova will available after May 15th, 2017, unless previously sold.

Contact Mark Saunders at GoogieTime, (916) 870-6764, if you are interested in owning
this fun-size classic Chevy Nova convertible with its original automatic transmission and
six-cylinder engine, driven less than 2,500 miles per year!